Dr.Ganopoulos Ioannis, PhD

 Researcher (Mandated Researcher) Molecular Plant Improvement, Institute of Genetic Improvement and Phytogenetic Resources (IGBFP) ELGO-DIMITRA

He holds a PhD in plant genetics and improvement, School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) (October, 2013). His research interests cover almost all branches of Genetic and Genomic Technology and their applications, Genetic and Molecular Improvement, Biodiversity and Genetic Resources assessment of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, food production and control, especially with the use of diagnostic molecules. methods.

His research was funded by Greek financial institutions  (INEB / CERTH, AUTh) as well as the European Union. The results of his research have been included in eighty-nine (89) articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. The total response rate of his publications is about one hundred and fifty (I.F. = 150; h-index = 20).

His work includes the use of molecular markers for the evaluation and recording of the genetic diversity of the main cultivated plants and trees that will be a valuable tool for their molecular improvement, the analysis of transcription of large and small fruits of zucchini, the study of epigenetic and mechanisms induced during vaccination as well as the development and implementation of genome editing methods. He has participated in at least 15 national and European research projects either as a scientific supervisor or as a member of a research team.

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