Graduate of the Department of Agriculture, School of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Environment of AUTh, majoring in Plant Production.

Her dissertation was on the genetic improvement of plants (Tissue culture in spinach).

She worked in the Directorate of Rural Development of Drama (Prefecture of Drama) as an application agronomist for one year and for several years as an agronomist-appraiser at ELGA. in various prefectures of Greece. He also worked for three years in the chemistry of the Dairy Industry NEOGAL SA, in the quality and laboratory control of the receipt of milk and the produced dairy products.

Since 2014 she works in the seed production and commercial company SPOREAS (A. TSIOTSIOS AND SIA E.E) as an agronomist and scientific responsible for the seed production and certification of cereal seeds etc.

She has attended the following seminars:

Training of authors of Plans for the Improvement of Agricultural Holdings and Action Plans for young farmers organized by GEOT.EE. (16-20 / 12/2002).

Computers lasting 110 hours, on the subject “Introduction to computers for geotechnical sciences” organized by GEOT.EE. (18/02 / 2002-11 / 04/2002).

Creation and management of E-SHOP organized by K.E.K. FILIPPOS in collaboration with the 

Chamber of Drama in the context of the utilization of the LAEK 1-25 program for the year 2016 (February 2017).

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